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Altar Supplies

Banishing Oil
1oz Banishing oil Oils may be used in ritual magic, anointing, aromatherapy and spell-crafting. Banishing oil is said to bring peace into your life and home, removal of negative energy, and therefor enhancing your atmosphere.
Price: $9.00
Banishing oil 2 dram
Banishing oil 2 dram When words and thoughts just are not enough to keep something or someone away. This Banishing oil is a fine blended oil for candle, poppet, prayer, invocation, or any craft work. 2 dram oil for external use only. Made in USA.
Price: $9.00
Witch Velveteen Bag
Witch Velveteen Bag Using the stereotypical image of a witch flying on a broom stick, this black velveteen drawstring bag is of powerful use in a wide manner of magical creations. 5"
Price: $5.00
Witches Besom
Witches Besom Besoms are brooms made of nature wood and twigs consisting of a shaft, bristles, and binding cord, creating a triform aspect of the goddess. Hang in your home for protection or used to purify your ritual space. Crafted beautifully with a variety of crystals, herbs and charms. No two are alike and each one is unique, chosen at random. 20" sizes may vary slightly.
Price: $45.00
Chrome Bell
Chrome Bell 3/4" Coming in various styles, these small bells ring with a high, clear tone. Sizes vary slightly. Chrome Plated Brass. 3/4"
Price: $1.50
Goddess Altar Cloth 36
Goddess Altar Cloth 36" x 36" Discover the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed on this lovely cloth, which can be used as a scarf or altar cloth. Hailing from Egypt, she is shown drawing down energy of the moon as a symbol of regeneration and inspiration. It is 3' by 3' square.
Price: $18.00
Rune Mother Altar Cloth 36
Rune Mother Altar Cloth 36" x 36" Surrounded by magical Norse runes for healing and good luck, the Mother of all runes is portrayed as a goddess figure on this beautiful altar cloth. It is 3' square.
Price: $35.95
Triquetra Altar Cloth 24
Triquetra Altar Cloth 24" x 24" Made of heavy black cloth, this 24" x 24" altar cloth displays a silver Triquetra at its center, bordered by golden Celtic Knots. Perfect for decorating your altar or wall, it can also make a lovely wrap for your tarot deck.
Price: $18.95
Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth 36
Purple Triquetra Altar Cloth 36" x 36" This purple cloth is decorated with a Triquetra at its center, bordered by Celtic knotwork. Use it to decorate your altar or wrap your tarot deck. It measures 36" square.
Price: $15.95
Triquetra Altar Cloth 18
Triquetra Altar Cloth 18" x 18" This royal purple altar cloth depicts the Celtic Triquetra, a symbol often representing mind, body and spirit as well as the Triple Goddess. It measures 18" square.
Price: $10.95
Greenman Altar Cloth 36
Greenman Altar Cloth 36" x 36" The verdant Greenman is portrayed on this altar cloth, with swirling Celtic knot work and oak leaves at his borders, to help bring the power of nature and renewal to your altar.
Price: $19.95
Celtic Altar or Tarot Cloth 18
Celtic Altar or Tarot Cloth 18" x 18" With an ornate black Celtic border jumping off of its purple background, and accenting an inner circle arrangement of further knot work, this cloth has been created specifically to accent your altar or tarot deck.
Price: $12.95

Triple Moon Altar Cloth 18
Triple Moon Altar Cloth 18" x 18" Bordered in Celtic knots this violet tie-dyed altar cloth features the design of the Triple Moon Goddess, representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
Price: $10.95
Operative Witchcraft Spellwork & Herbcraft
Operative Witchcraft Spellwork & Herbcraft by Nigel Pennick Highlighting uniquely English traditions, Pennick explores fetches and witch’s familiars, animal magic, and the forms of witchcraft practiced by rural tradespeople, such as blacksmiths, herbalists, and artisans, to enhance their professional work and compel others to do their bidding, both man and beast. He provides actual spells, charms, and folk incantations, along with details about the magical use of a variety of herbs, including nightshades, the creation of amulets and sigils, protection against the Evil Eye, and the use of aromatic oils. Pennick explains the best times of day for different types of magic, how to identify places of power, and the use of the paraphernalia of operative witchcraft, such as the broom, the witches’ dial, and pins, nails and thorns. He explores the belief in three different types of witches: white witches, who offer help and healing for a fee; black witches, who harm others; and gray witches, who practice both white and black magic. Examining witchcraft’s contentious relationship with the Christian church, he investigates the persecution of witches throughout the UK and the British West Indies up until the mid-20th century. He offers a look into the changing public perceptions of witchcraft and the treatment of its followers as well as revealing how English churchmen would offer magical solutions to the perceived threat of black witchcraft. Painting an in-depth picture of English witchcraft, including how it relates to and differs from modern Wicca, Pennick reveals the foundation from which modern witchcraft arose. He shows how this context is necessary to effectively use these ancient skills and techniques and how the evolution of witchcraft will continue harmonizing the old ways with the new. A 6" x 9" paperback book with 208 pages.
Price: $10.95
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