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Dried, Wild Foraged, All Natural Wisconsin Maitake (Hen of the Woods)
Dried, Wild Foraged, All Natural Wisconsin Maitake (Hen of the Woods)
Wisconsin U.S.A. Maitake Mushrooms WILD FORAGED, 100% all Natural and Organic! 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz bags available! 2 oz - 8.99 4 oz - 16.99 6 oz - 24.99 Simply rinse, then add warm water and soak for 1 hour to re-hydrate. Get all the goodness of nature and the benefits of good health with our Wild Sourced Wisconsin Maitake. Grown wild in the woods of Wisconsin our Maitake are picked, cleaned, sun dried and shredded without any mechanical processing or chemicals added. (NOTE:- Rinse before using. As with all wild foraged products there may be a piece of leaf, twig, grain of sand or other foreign particle found on the mushroom.)

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I have my wand and my robe, my pentacle and sword, the incense is burning and the sigils drawn. What more do I need to do magick? Basics, basics, basics….. Let’s go back to the basics people.

Too many people today, think magick is all about material items. “I want a love spell, a money spell, a better life spell” well guess what… unless you have developed the mental capacity to understand how a spell like that works, It will very seldom work. It requires so much thought and energy, so much consideration and adept knowledge, that by the time you attain the level to perform such magick successfully on a regular basis you will realize… it’s not magick at all that is all mind games that you do, to either advance you further or hinder yourself from moving on. Material magick is nothing more than an illusion that we have been chasing for millennia, the philosophers stone… fountain of youth. All “Magickal” ways to obtain material and earthly goals, upon deeper study you will realize that these ideas and theories were passed down in code and secrecy that only the true adepts have known.

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